Family - Person Sheet
Family - Person Sheet
NameEluned Griffith
Birth25 Sep 1898, Llithfaen CAE School House
Death24 Dec 1990, Llanelli CMN Y Plas Home for the Elderly
FatherHugh Griffith (1862-1922)
MotherLetitia Jones (1872-1942)
Birth29 Apr 1894, Llanelli CMN
Death31 Mar 1960, Llanelli CMN Swansea Road Nurseries
FatherJohn Wells Roberts (1862-1932)
MotherCaroline Martha Blackmore (1871-1960)
Marriage19 Sep 1922, Pencaenewydd CAE Chapel
ChildrenJune (1927-2018)
Notes for Eluned Griffith
A fine bridge player and a keen golfer, Eluned was beloved Nain to Richard and Huw, her grandsons who she she helped bring up after the death of her husband. Educated at her father’s school in Llithfaen and Pwllheli Grammar school, she got a degree from Aberystwyth University in 1919 where she met Frank Roberts. After two years teaching at a boarding school in Harrogate she married and moved to Llanelli where she lived and worked at Swansea Road Nurseries. She was Captain, President and Secretary of the Ladies’ Section of the Ashburnham Golf Club.

Her daughter June said: “Eluned and her brothers and sisters were all educated initially at their father’s school but at some stage their mother moved to Pencaenewydd to run the shop. At the end of the week their father would take them to Pencaenewydd.
When she was eleven, Eluned passed the exams to get into Pwllheli Grammar School, Ioan was already there. She and Tal stayed in digs during the week then on Friday afternoon they came home from school and found bikes waiting from them. From then on they cycled to school daily, despite an accident early on in which she lost control on a hill and crashed into a hedge. Soon after starting school she and her friends started the GY – which was code for a smoking society – they used to smoke in secret.
When she was 18 went to University in Aberystwyth to take a general degree, later specialised in Botany and got her BA. She stayed in the Queen Alexandra Hall on the sea front. She had been there a year when the war ended and Frank returned from the war. The young men that came back from the War were not going to be restricted by the rule that banned men and women from speaking to each other. On Saturday night they had to be in halls by 10pm and the men would walk along the promenade and serenade their ladies in the halls of residence. She left Aberystwyth and had to do to do two years teaching to pay back her grant.
She went to a girls’ boarding school in Harrogate where she wasn’t not much older than some of the girls in the sixth form. One of them was a catholic and gave Eluned a rosary (now with Julie (Evans)). That girl ran off with a catholic priest and Eluned lost contact with her. After two years teaching, she went home to Pencaenewydd and married Frank. Her father had died of cancer – both her parents died of cancer.
Her husband who had a degree in Agriculture chose to go back into the family business which was not well paid. Although she would have liked a home of her own she moved in with her in laws. She agreed to have a house built on to the in laws home which they designed themselves with the help of an architect. Although she loved flowers she hated making wreathes and developed asthma which was found to have been caused by a mould which grew on tomatoes.
She learned to play bridge and golf which both she and Frank played at the Ashburnham Golf Club where she became Captain, President and Secretary of the Ladies’ section. My mother and father had a good social life and loved entertaining regularly. She lost a child before giving birth to me – she carried me for eight months and lost another child afterwards – all girls. When Frank had his first diagnosed heart attack in 1950, June came back from London to help with the family business. They subsequently found that he had had another one before the war”
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